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We Believe In Partnership

Your home is probably one of the most significant decisions you'll ever make in your life. We believe that type of decision deserves a partner who will not only bring their expertise, but also listen, understand, and collaborate with you.


Boyce Dougherty

“I love wood and creating new things out of a pile of material to help people see their dream home become a reality.” 

Boyce is locally minded and loves the Pacific Northwest.

A graduate of University of Washington with a B.S. in Forestry, Boyce also pursued Graduate Studies in Forest Products at the University of Minnesota.

What you’ll love about Boyce starts with his 31 years of experience in custom home construction. And that’s at all levels of rough and trim carpentry, project management, and supervision.

And you’ll value his unwavering commitment to provide you with relevant and detailed information — including cost accounting and reporting — and his ability to cultivate partnerships between owners, designers, and craftsmen in the field.

It’s all a labor of love for Boyce, helping people see their new home become a reality.

Seth Dougherty

With 7 years experience, Seth supervises the all onsite work. His leadership ensures that each client's vision is realized in their new home.

As a graduate from Washington State University with a BA in Fine Arts and a focus in photography, Seth brings a critical artistic eye for detail and finish into every aspect of the project. 

Seth is passionate about handcrafted finish carpentry and has been known to obsess over the smallest details until they're absolutely perfect.

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